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The fashionable Nokia 7200 phone hides advanced functions in its fabric covers

“More and more style-conscious consumers who are interested in the wireless world want more from their phone than just modern technology. They want a mobile phone that reflects the latest fashion trends and fits their individual style. The Nokia 7200 phone successfully combines form and functionality. The decorative fabric and pattern of the covers bring a new dimension to the design of the phone attraction that makes the user pay attention not only to the appearance of the phone but also to the advanced wireless technology,” said director Kai Öistämö of Nokia Mobile Phones.
In the design of the Nokia 7200 phone, a comprehensive “total experience” design vision has been applied, where the design of the phone, accessories and packaging tell the same design story. For the novelty phone, you can get, among other things, decorative and fashionable covers with fabric trim. The comprehensive design story of the phone is also complemented by the wrist strap included in the sales package and a soft fabric pouch suitable for fabric accessories. Users can also download theme-related wallpapers and screensavers to their phones from
“Nokia’s design believes in the power of stories. It is the stories that help us plan experiences produced by design, which combine advanced technology with emotional, user-appealing phone features. The Nokia 7200 phone is decorated not only with the imagery and ornamentation of exotic cultures, but also with modern science. For the first time, the elegant fabrics used in Nokia phones emphasize the luxury of the product,” said Frank Nuovo, Nokia’s design director.
The advanced features of the Nokia 7200 phone include, for example, a phonebook with presence features. Thanks to Presence features, the mobile phone user can create a dynamic user profile that automatically informs the phone book of the phones of colleagues, family members and friends about the user’s availability. This way the user can conveniently let them know where he is and what he is doing. For example, the user can set his current profile as “in a meeting” and ask colleagues to send a multimedia or text message. Thanks to the chat functionality based on Presence features, Nokia 7200 users no longer need to be at their computers to participate in chat conversations, but can send chat messages from anywhere.
The main features of the Nokia 7200 phone are:
  • 65,536 color TFT screen (the small screen on top of the shell is black and white)
  • Built-in VGA camera and video recorder
  • MMS messages, which can contain audio and video clips in addition to images and text
  • MMS presentations, where text, sound and images can be placed in a specific order in a multimedia message using SMIL technology
  • Melodic ringtones that play up to 16 different sounds at once
  • Phonebook and chat function with Presence features
  • FM stereo radio
  • xHTML browser for browsing versatile wireless content
  • Advanced applications supporting personal information management (PIM, Personal Information Management) (calendar, phonebook, to-do list)
  • Built-in speaker
  • Preloaded JavaTM games and applications
  • EDGE data connection with a data transfer speed of up to 177.6 kilobytes per second depending on the network
More information for the press:
Nokia Mobile Phones
Phone: 07180 45667
Phone: 07180 34900

*Services and some features depend on the network and/or SIM card and the compatibility of the devices used and the content formats supported by them.

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Nokia 7200

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Nokia Code Name: Sirius
Introduced: October 28, 2003, Nizza, France

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