Nokia demonstrates CDMA technology and product leadership at CTIA 2004

March 22, 2004

Three new CDMA1X handsets and five technology demonstrations highlight Nokia’s continued commitment to CDMA development

ATLANTA –  Nokia’s CDMA business takes center stage at CTIA Wireless 2004 as three all-new handsets make their North American debut, and five technology demos, including a world’s first demonstration of cross-protocol video MMS, give attendees a glimpse of the future of CDMA. Along with the feature-rich Nokia 6255 phone, which makes its debut at CTIA Wireless 2004, the customizable Nokia 3205 phone and the highly functional Nokia 6012 and Nokia 6015i phones are being seen for the first time in North America after their introduction at Telexpo in Brazil. Technology demonstrations highlighting 1xEV-DV, advanced voice and video delivery, the Nokia Open Download Service the first-time demonstration of cross-protocol video MMS are featured at Nokia’s booth number 2547.
The made-to-personalize ‘expression-category’ CDMA2000 1X Nokia 3205 phone’s integrated camera, color screen and MMS functionality brings fun and imaging to a wide audience. It also adds an innovative personalization element for consumers with do-it-yourself cut-out cover inserts. The transparent front and back covers of the Nokia 3205 phone serve as frames for custom designs, allowing the phone to take on a look limited only by the owner’s imagination. Images taken with the phone’s integrated camera can even be used as designs for these cover inserts.
The buttoned-down ‘classic-category’ Nokia 6012 and Nokia 6015i phones are popular priced phones featuring full color displays, handsfree functionality, downloadable application support and a selection of optional changeable Xpress-on(TM) color covers. Additional features include downloadable 16-channel polyphonic ringtones for personalization and a built-in voice recorder and synchronizable PIM information for organization.
A variety of technology demonstrations highlight Nokia’s pioneering work on the CDMA protocol. A world’s first demonstration of standards-based cross-protocol video MMS between CDMA and GSM highlights the technology exhibition. Also on display are demonstrations of next generation CDMA2000 1X EV-DV technology; an advanced variable rate voice codec that delivers rich, high fidelity sound; the Nokia Open Download Service, which offers a turnkey solution for operators deploying Java applications on their network; and an advanced video codec (H.264/AVC) that delivers high quality video content over CDMA2000 1X networks.
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