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It was 2013 when Nokia announced that the Nokia brand for mobile phones will be discontinued. One era of history would be ending. This was starting point for the initiative to collect all ever made Nokia branded mobile phone models to a one collection. It was also a start for the journey to learn more about the phones and the people behind the scenes; design, product development, marketing, manufacturing….

We have two criteria for collection items; all phones need to be working and you could make call with them. This would enable further generations to test the devices and see how the evolution has been since these phone ancestors. Of course some of the network technology is not in place anymore but still the touch and feel are there. Collection includes many variants of the phone models. However, many of them are still missing. If you want to donate one, please contact us and help to develop the story further.

Models in collection

48 new photos added

48 new photos added

One part of adding phones to the collection is to take picture of them. Since the picture shooting and editing takes some time you may see the information of the phones but the picture is missing. Now almost all new additions have their picture as well. Most of the...

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