Nokia Collection: A Journey Through Time

Welcome to the Ultimate Nokia Collection

Dive deep into the iconic legacy of Nokia. A brand that has defined and redefined mobile communication for generations. From the nostalgic ring of the 3310 to the cutting-edge designs of today. Nokia Collection captures every pulse, every innovation, and every memory crafted by Nokia.

Unveiling a Comprehensive Collection

  • Mobile Phones & Accessories: Experience the evolution of design, functionality, and technology. From the timeless classics to the avant-garde prototypes that never saw daylight, every device tells a story.

  • Marketing Videos: Fun? Absolutely! Watch the adverts and campaigns that made Nokia a household name.

  • Behind the Scenes: Journey into the heart of Nokia’s R&D. Discover tales of inspiration, challenges, and the genius that went into creating each product.

  • Press Releases: Live the moments again as they were presented to the world. And see how new terminology and use cases were communicated to consumers and mobile phone industry.

Beyond the Name

Nokia Collection doesn’t stop at Nokia. Delve into the histories of brands under the Nokia umbrella:

  • Mobira: The pioneer in mobile communications, that laid the foundation for what Nokia would become.

  • Technophone: Britain’s gift to mobile technology, which was later acquired by Nokia, leaving an indelible mark.

  • N-Gage: Nokia’s foray into mobile gaming, a bold experiment that has its own tale to tell.

  • Vertu: The epitome of luxury in mobile devices. A testament to Nokia’s versatility and vision.

Join the Journey

Our mission is to gather and preserve every piece of Nokia’s rich history. If you have a device, a story, or a memory, share it with us. Together, we can ensure that the legacy of Nokia continues to inspire future generations.

Connect, Share, Relive

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a former Nokia employee, or just someone who has shared a moment with a Nokia device, this platform is for you. Connect with fellow aficionados, share your stories, and relive the magic that is Nokia.